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20 weeks


April 1

We talk to Alberta’s leading tech companies every day. We’ve been in the industry for decades. And the truth is – marketing in a tech startup or scale-up is way different than in a mature company. You need digital-first skills that enable you to drive impact from day one. OnRamp is built to give you the practical skills, and the connections, to land an amazing career in tech. We’re offering the Growth Marketing Bootcamp as part of InceptionU’s Tech Adjacent program.

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Projects you’ll work on

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What you’ll graduate with
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How you’ll get hired

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How to apply

Want to become a T-shaped marketer?
Sure you do. Here’s why.

With decades in the tech trenches, we know first-hand that tech companies are looking for “T-shaped” marketers. What’s a T-shaped marketer? It’s someone who has the broad range of capabilities to design marketing strategies and campaigns AND the depth to be able to execute in some key areas. Effectively, you’re a generalist with targeted specialist skills – which is what tech hiring managers are looking for.

OnRamp is designed to give you these capabilities – not through more academic study but by working on real projects and campaigns that drive business results, all under the guidance of instructors who’ve built companies, who consult with Alberta’s leading entrepreneurs, and who know exactly how to get you ready to thrive in this industry.

Technology Marketing Team Working

Get hired for…

  • Digital marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Social media content
  • Content marketing
  • CRM administration

"I was on the job hunt for what felt like forever when I came across OnRamp. Not only did OnRamp help me land an awesome role in tech, but I now apply what I learned in the course to my work literally every single day!"

Paven Bal

“Coming from a manufacturing background, I had never even thought about a career in marketing. I had the experience to understand how to analyze process and project metrics, but I needed to learn how to look at them with a marketing lens. OnRamp taught me how to do that (and so much more) — and now I'm confident that I was meant for a career in tech marketing.”

Chris Arsenault
Growth Marketing Bootcamp Alumni

"After I finished a university marketing course, I quickly realized that my theoretical knowledge wasn't enough. The OnRamp Bootcamp gave me real-world experience through the project work, and helped me to build connections with companies in tech – all while working a fulltime job."

Nkechi Seale
Growth Marketing Bootcamp Alumni

What to expect in the 18-week bootcamp


InceptionU Tech Adjacent Program

You’ll spend the first 8 weeks doing strategic career exploration and essential skills development to ensure the right career fit for you.


Kickoff weekend

Join us virtually to review the course outline, meet your classmates and kick things off with some tech 101.


Weekly bootcamp coursework

Participate in interactive, fun & feisty virtual classes with your teammates and our tech marketing experts.


Project work

Meet our tech company partners, get briefed on your assignment and start building your portfolio with real, in-market campaigns.


Get career support

Get way more than just resume feedback. Learn how your unique skills, personality and passions can help you land your ideal tech job.

Graduate with the skills that great tech jobs demand

Most companies give early-career marketers a narrow set of marketing responsibilities. Then those marketers get bored. Or their careers stagnate. Or both. Tech doesn’t work that way. In tech, you can take on a lot and create more impact – if you have the skills. Tech employers want you to be grounded in strategy, plus you need tactical skills (like social media, demand generation, creative chops, etc.) to execute on those strategies. This is that T-shaped marketer stuff we mentioned above.

Here’s one of the great virtues of building your skills, experience and portfolio with a ‘T-shaped’ mindset: you won’t get pigeonholed as a specialist in the first job you happen to land. Plus, you’ll make more of an impact for your company and your career will get quicker liftoff and momentum. OnRamp gives you the practical training you need to make all this happen.

Growth marketing fundamentals

  • Define markets and segments
  • Define value props and product messages
  • Create marketing campaigns that work
  • Identify metrics to assess ROI 
  • And more

Deep dive on skills and tools

  • Learn to write copy so customers buy
  • Learn SEO to get found on Google
  • Run high-performing digital ad campaigns
  • Create and measure social media strategies
  • And more

Secret sauce – how to do all this in tech

  • Understand what it’s like working in tech
  • Learn how marketing enables tech company growth
  • Learn to handle tech’s pace and demands
  • Learn how to grow your career

Industry-leading scores

Both our alumni, and the companies in our network give us industry-leading NPS (net promoter scores). We make sure you're ready to be hired upon graduation.

NPS from our alumni

NPS from tech companies


Graduation rate


Graduate employment rate

So, what will you be working on?

Here are the kinds of projects you’ll work on. Again, this isn’t theoretical material. Your work will be used to drive real business results.
Marketing team working on social campaign

Social media

Create a social media campaign strategy along with content (design & copy) to drive audience engagement and generate website traffic.
Responsive Blog

Blog article

Research and write an original article reinforcing the unique value proposition and addressing your reader’s pain points – all to generate sales leads.

Analytics graphs on computer

Analytics dashboard 

Identify target metrics and build out a Hubspot marketing dashboard to support ongoing performance measurement.

Man working on email marketing

Email campaign

Design and write an email campaign to convert long-time email subscribers into qualified prospects.

Get started on your
tech  career

We’re here to help you land that first tech job

Throughout the bootcamp you’ll be building your skills and confidence. But we don’t stop there. We want you to get hired! We’ll help you understand the best marketing roles for you, get you prepped for your interviews, give you tips for networking, and more. 

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Resume writing tips

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Interview coaching

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Portfolio development

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Skill assessment to match you with suited roles

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Networking tips and introductions to industry events

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Learn tech culture

Participating tech companies

Meet your instructors

Our instructors are battle-tested entrepreneurs and marketers directly responsible for growth inside Alberta tech startups and scale-ups. No academics here – we’ve been in the trenches.
Chantel Houston

Chantel Elliott


Chantel has 25+ years of marketing leadership experience in tech startups, large organizations, and marketing agencies. Chantel is both a certified leadership coach and a marketing instructor with 321 Growth Academy. She’s passionate about helping early-career marketers and tech business leaders imagine (and reimagine) their careers and make powerful professional impacts.

Sarah Morrill


Sarah has 15+ years of marketing and customer engagement experience with startups, agencies and big brands. Sarah brings her passion and experience to directing 321 Growth Academy‘s customer success and sales efforts, as well as to her role as course facilitator for 321’s Growth Marketing courses. Sarah is also passionate about company culture and volunteering in the tech community.

How our application process works


You apply for the bootcamp

Ready to apply? It only takes 15 minutes. Just fill out the application. Or, if you have questions, book a 15-minute consultation with one of our tech marketing experts. We’d love to hear from you!


We hold a group interview

Once we’ve got your application, we’ll review it to determine whether you’re a good fit for OnRamp. And nobody gets ghosted. We’ll be in touch with you whether you qualify or not.


We make our final selections

Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll contact you with your acceptance status, as well as next steps for those that are going to be joining the bootcamp at no cost.

Qualifications & Prerequisites

If you’re a marketing, business, entrepreneurship or communications student who’s close to graduating, or if you’re an early career marketer or a career pivoter looking to join the tech industry, then OnRamp is for you. But we’re open to anyone with a degree/diploma who thinks they can add value in tech marketing. Even if they come from a non-traditional background or industry.

We are looking for applicants who are:

  • Interested in a career in tech marketing
  • Wanting to work in an exciting and fulfilling industry
  • Motivated, creative and goal-oriented
  • Unemployed or under-employed (less than 20 hrs/wk) Albertans