OnRamp Rules of Engagement

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OnRamp™ Rules of Engagement – Ventures V. 1.0 February 2022

Welcome Ventures! We are pleased to provide you with access to the OnRamp™ Growth Marketing Bootcamp program. OnRamp™ is a program that is owned and supported by 321 Growth Academy Inc. (“321”) and is designed to provide benefits to:

Students we provide access to employment or work experience opportunities and to learning opportunities for skills that are valuable assets to future tech employers.

Entrepreneurs or Companies (“Ventures”) – we provide an opportunity to meet and to work students that may be candidates for future hires, which brings skills and experience needed for company growth and scaling.

Instructors, Project Advisors, Guest Speakers and Subject Matter Experts (“Instructors”) – we provide the opportunity to give back to the business community by allowing experts to share knowledge with Students that will be engaged by Ventures.

These Rules of Engagement are divided into seven sections:

  1. Projects
  2. Hires
  3. Intellectual property
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Non-solicitation
  6. Information requirements
  7. General terms


Projects. We welcome you as a Venture participant in the OnRampTM program (“OnRamp” or the “Program”). Through the Program, you are purchasing completion of marketing projects (“Projects”) to be completed by individuals or groups of OnRamp Students, with oversight and guidance by experts from across the community (Instructors). The Instructors do not complete the Projects themselves, so the level of quality of execution may vary from Project to Project (although of course we will undertake reasonable efforts to get to a satisfactory outcome for you!).

Project Definition. To ensure the best chance for Project success, you will define your Project needs upfront by actively engaging with the Students in creating a Project brief that outlines both key Project details and how success will be measured, ensuring alignment of expectations. To achieve this, you will be provided with a Project brief template in advance that outlines the background and materials that Students may need.

Project Changes. If you wish to change the type or the scope of a Project, you will require approval from the Student teams, their Project Advisor/Instructor, and the 321/OnRamp team to ensure that the change is consistent with the OnRamp learning objectives.

Project Sign-off. If sign off on Projects is delayed, the Project quality, deadlines and ability for the Students to complete the Project will be at risk. Therefore, you agree to sign off on Project briefs within 48 hours of Students reviewing the final version with you, and before Project work commences.

Project Issues. Any concerns or issues with Project briefs or execution should be escalated within 5 business days first to the Students themselves, then, if not resolved to your satisfaction, to the Project Advisor/Instructor that is coaching the Students, and then to 321 Customer Success team and OnRamp Program Director if the concern remains unresolved.

Student Interaction. You acknowledge and agree that you do not have the ability to pick and choose which Student(s) work on your Projects. You will have opportunities to interact with Students working on your Project(s), according to the OnRamp project delivery approach. Opportunities to meet all Students in the cohort will also be available.

Project Cancellation. You may cancel your Project within 30 days of signing up and paying the Program fees, as long as that cancellation occurs more than 30 days before a cohort of Students is launched. This provides OnRamp with time to find replacement Projects for Students. You may not cancel a Project once the Student cohort has launched or work on the Project has begun.

Increase or Reduction in Number of Projects. If you wish to sign up for more Projects than you initially purchased, you may do so with approval of the OnRamp Program Director. If you wish to reduce the number of Projects, this reduction is subject to the Project Cancellation terms in the paragraph above.


Agreement to Hire. You agree to hire from the Student cohort if there is a match that meets your needs. You are not obligated to hire if you do not meet a Student that is a good fit for your Venture, however, you do agree to engage with the cohort to maximize the chance of a successful match. For the purposes of these Rules, “engage” means at the very least ensuring appropriate people from your team attend and engage in events to meet the Students working on your Project as well as the other Student cohort participants

If despite making reasonable efforts to engage with the Students, you are unable to find a good match for yourhiring needs (see below), 321 will refund your hiring fee within 30 days of the Cohort completion.

Number of Students. You agree to hire the number of Student hires that you’ve committed to hire and paid for this is critical for delivering value to Students. If you wish to hire additional Students, you agree to pay 321/OnRamp for the hire. This hire fee requirement applies up to 45 days after the cohort completion date. If you wish to hire fewer Students than what you’ve committed to, this is treated like a “non match refund” as outlined in the paragraph above, or you can elect to receive a credit that is carried forward to the next cohort.

Hiring Start Date. You may NOT hire from the cohort before the “hiring start date”. For the purposes of these Rules of Engagement, the hiring start date will be confirmed shortly after the Cohort kicks off.

Paid Positions. You agree that hires from OnRamp are for paid positions within your company. These positions can be full or part time permanent, or full or part time contract, whatever is agreed between you and the Student. For clarity and avoidance of doubt, hires from OnRamp are not for unpaid internships.

No Guarantees. 321/OnRamp does not offer any placement guarantees. The Program is focused on developing skills, making introductions, and supporting Ventures and Students to find their best match.


321 Materials. During your time in the Program, 321, as owner of the Program, may share know-how (including sales and marketing strategies and tactics), methodologies, worksheets, and other learning materials that have been developed using 321 time and resources (“321 Materials”). 321 Materials belong solely to 321 and must not be copied, shared, modified, or otherwise used in a manner except to fulfill your OnRamp Project requirements. To the extent that you need to use the 321 Materials to complete a Project, we grant you a non- exclusive, limited license to do so during the length of the Project.


In exchange for being able to participate in OnRamp, you must keep any non-public information you learn about Students and other Ventures strictly confidential. Our Students share personal information to participate in the Program. Such information will include names and contact information. Other Ventures may share information about hiring plans, number of hires, business plans and growth strategies. At a minimum, you agree not to use this confidential information except as is necessary for you to actively participate in the Program and to use all reasonable efforts to protect and safeguard such information. You must not use this confidential information in a manner that would be detrimental to the interests of the Student, another Venture, or in a manner that would negatively impact the reputation of 321, its partners and the Program. In exchange for you sharing confidential information about your Venture, you may choose to ask Students to sign a separate confidentiality agreement.


Students. You agree not to hire Students if you have not purchased a new hire match. You will not hire (or attempt to hire) Students that have agreed to join other Ventures during the Cohort.

321 Personnel. For a period of one year after your involvement in the Project has ended, with respect to 321 and OnRamp employees and personnel, you will not persuade or entice any person to terminate an employment or consulting position with 321 or hire or retain the services of any such person. We acknowledge that this covenant does not prevent 321 employees from responding to general, public job advertisements that are not targeted to such personnel.


You agree to allow 321/OnRamp to use your logo and company name in promotional materials (website, social media, sales collateral) to support Student and Venture recruitment for the Program. In addition, to meet reporting requirements for funding sources, we may ask you to provide information about gender, race/ethnicity, indigenous status, visible minority status, and preferred pronouns. The provision of this information is optional, only with your consent, and we will only share it on an anonymous, de-identified basis, to Program funders that ask for this data as part of their financial commitment. 321, on behalf of OnRamp, will not share this information with any other third parties and you may request changes to this information, or deletion of this information at any time by contacting info@joinonramp.flywheelsites.com. Personal information such as that described in this paragraph will always be subject to applicable privacy legislation.


These Rules of Engagement are offered by 321 in consideration for your participation as a Venture in the Program. In addition to the other requirements identified within, you will not hold 321, other Ventures, the Instructors, or Students liable for any damages (direct or indirect) attributable to your participation. We may change these Rules of Engagement at any time as the Program evolves and we learn more together. If you don’t agree to the Rules, we ask that you not participate. If forces outside of our control prevent us from offering a Program after we use reasonable best efforts to offer an alternative time or replacement Program.