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How our application process works


You apply for the bootcamp

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We make our final selections

Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll contact you with your acceptance status, scholarship eligibility, as well as next steps for those that are going to be joining the bootcamp.

Frequently asked questions

Do I qualify for OnRamp?

If you’re a marketing, business, communications/PR, information design, or entrepreneurship student who’s close to graduating, or you’re an early career marketer or mid-career pivoter who’s looking for a career change, then OnRamp is for you! But we’re open to anyone with a degree/diploma who thinks they can add value in tech marketing. Even if they come from a non-traditional background.

How long is the OnRamp program?

18 weeks – starting late May 2022 and wrapping up late September.

Are there tuition supports available?

Yes – we are committed to making OnRamp accessible to all. Read more about available tuition supports or  contact us to determine if you’re eligible for a scholarship up to $1,500.

What are the chances I’ll get hired if I take OnRamp?

Chances are very high if you put in the work! During OnRamp, you’ll be trained by tech industry leaders and introduced to tech companies who are looking to hire people with your skills and experiences. Remember this: We know what tech companies need and they trust our introductions. But you need to do the work to get yourself ready.

Who qualifies as a “marketing student”?

You’re a marketing student if you’re in an education program that is marketing-related. Business, communications, public relations, information design, entrepreneurship, and many other programs are all marketing-related.

What kind of jobs can you get from taking OnRamp?

That’s a big question. But the answer is big too. There are all kinds of cool roles in tech right now (in all kinds of companies tackling all sorts of problems). You might end up managing social media, coordinating marketing campaigns, creating marketing content, creating strategies or some combination of all of that (and more!).

How much does OnRamp cost?

It costs $1995 if you pay the entire fee upfront. Or you can spread out payments over four months for $550/month (totalling $2,200). We also offer tuiltion support for up to $1,500 for some candidates, reducing your investment to as low as $495. Contact us to see if you qualify.