Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the OnRamp Growth Marketing Bootcamp, an 18-week program designed for young marketers and recent grads eager to get the extra skills they need to jumpstart their careers in Alberta tech and make the connections they need to nab coveted tech marketing roles.

Designed by industry-leading training experts 321 Growth Academy, OnRamp provides early-career marketers the chance to learn with real companies and real projects, under the guidance of industry experts who’ve driven growth inside some of Alberta’s most successful tech companies.

Built in partnership with the A100 — with funding support from the SAIT School for Advanced Technology and Alberta Enterprise Corporation — OnRamp helps address the shortage of tech marketing talent in Alberta, while driving the industry’s growth.

Training new grads on the intricacies of tech marketing will strengthen Alberta’s tech ecosystem,” says Tamara Woolgar, Executive Director of the A100. “Right now more than are 300 tech marketing jobs in Alberta waiting to be filled.”

Alberta has seen a 100% average growth in venture activity every year since 2017, according to the Canadian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association. But the increase in capital has exposed a huge shortage of talent as companies move from the startup phase to the scale-up phase.

Startups and scale-ups have energized a culture of innovation and creativity in Alberta that is refreshing and exciting,” says Jim Gibson, Chief Catalyst at the School for Advanced Digital Technology. 

But in order for these companies to continue to grow, they need access to an incredibly valuable resource: marketing and customer success talent.”

Why’s it so hard to find good tech marketing talent?

Tech companies in Alberta are growing, but a labour shortage means they can’t always find the talent they need. So they aren’t actually growing as fast as they could be. Meanwhile, new grads and marketers are interested in tech, but either aren’t aware of the opportunities or don’t have the specialized skills that the industry requires.

To succeed in these companies, young marketers need more focused training in tech 101 basics and growth and digital marketing. They also need an understanding of the innovative culture and marketing role opportunities inside tech companies that make them unique and rewarding places to work.

Recent grads are eager and ready to work, but they don’t always understand the unique marketing needs of tech companies, whether it’s the digital nature of their marketing, the focus on growth, or the fast pace,” says Carey Houston, Founder of 321 Growth Academy.

Companies with marketing roles to fill often turn to costly recruiters or start poaching from other startups. We built OnRamp to give these companies a unique opportunity to hire job-ready people directly out of the bootcamp.

OnRamp’s fast-paced 18-week curriculum is packed with training on foundational skills like lean campaign planning, market segmentation and brand messaging, plus specific technical skill sets like SEO, analytics, social media, digital ad campaigns, copywriting and many more.

A thriving tech sector hinges on access to a workforce with a specific skill set. OnRamp is all about helping companies find those right candidates and closing the labour gap,” says Kristina Williams, President and CEO of Alberta Enterprise Corporation.

Fund an OnRamp project, hire a bootcamp grad (or do both!)

Alberta tech companies eager for fresh marketing talent benefit from OnRamp in two ways:

Project support: If a company needs help with an email campaign, digital advertising, copywriting or other marketing projects, they can engage OnRamp participants. Participants are coached and guided by tech experts, so they produce strong work. Companies get a sneak peek at the talent and how they work. And because participants get practical, hands-on experience, they leave OnRamp with a portfolio of work to help land their dream tech job. 

Hire the right fit — the first time: During the bootcamp, companies who sign up can engage with OnRamp’s cohorts of young marketers and assess their performance and work. Participants are prepped to apply and interview for jobs and are supported in helping assess which type of role is the best fit. If they’re a good fit, companies can recruit the great talent directly out of the program and together, they can hit the ground running.

About OnRamp and its partners


OnRamp is a growth marketing bootcamp that provides young and early-career marketers with the leg up they need to join Alberta’s thriving tech industry. Founded and led by tech industry veterans who’ve driven growth for some of Alberta’s most successful companies, OnRamp helps participants develop skill sets in growth and digital marketing that are unique to tech, while helping companies find and hire talent who’ll make an impact from day one.

321 Growth Academy

The go-to startup training organization in Alberta, 321 Growth Academy helps founders and teams grow companies, faster. With their sales and marketing courses crafted for entrepreneurs, 321 has helped startups, scale-ups and social enterprises build sales engines that drive their growth and focus on marketing that drives revenue. 

The A100

The A100 is a non-profit, member-funded organization of experienced tech entrepreneurs and executives. They are dedicated to helping drive lasting diversification for Alberta’s economy by supporting the next generation of innovative tech startups.

Alberta Enterprise Corporation

Alberta Enterprise Corporation promotes the development of Alberta’s venture capital industry by investing in venture capital funds that finance technology companies. They focus on funds that have a strong commitment to Alberta – including a presence in the province.

School for Advanced Digital Technology

The School for Advanced Digital Technology (SADT) is SAIT’s bold commitment to shaping the future by empowering everyone – from students to employers – to thrive in our digital society.

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