Have you got a list of marketing tasks you keep meaning to get to, but never seem to find the time for? We hear this a lot from tech companies, especially those without dedicated marketing teams. Our OnRamp bootcamp is an 18-week program where we’re offering tech companies the ability to finally get that work completed by a group of young, talented, tech-curious marketers under the supervision of our executive-level marketing experts Carey Houston and Chantel Elliott.

By working with OnRamp, you won’t just get your growth marketing projects done, you’ll get a chance to test out potential new hires (who graduate in Sept 2022) for your team. You’ll meet our young marketers, see their work first-hand, assess their fit, and at the end of the bootcamp, you can hire them into your team knowing they’re ready for the demands of the tech industry. We think this is a more practical, cost-effective and tech-friendly talent-acquisition model than hiring from recruiters (who may or may not get tech) or trying to steal away talent from other tech companies.

What your tech company can get done with OnRamp

We have options for companies that want marketing work done, are in search of their next marketing hire, or both.

Here are some details on each of our three options:

Marketing Projects ($2000)

Get help working on your marketing backlog by engaging OnRamp on one or more projects:

  • Email campaign: plan, write and design (a 3-email sequence)
  • Social media: content for 8 posts for one channel (with images)
  • PPC campaign (one channel) – plan, setup, monitoring, and results analysis
  • Blog posts: research and writing for 3 posts (300 words per blog)
  • Product fact sheet: write and design a 1-pager
  • Don’t see a match for your needs – talk to us! We may be able to customize a better fit.

New Hire Match ($4,000)

Find your next great marketing hire(s):

  • Leverage networking opportunities to meet cohort participants
  • See OnRamp participants work and collaborate, so you can make informed selection decisions
  • We’ll help you identify the top candidates that fit your needs – and identify which participants are most interested in working with you
  • Speed dating interview night so you can meet the candidates of interest
  • If you’re unsuccessful making the right hire (which we doubt will happen) – we’ll refund you.

Marketing Project + New Hire Match (starting from $4,900)

The best value:

  • Get access to support on one (or more) projects and the ability to hire from a pool of candidates that you’ll get to know and are interested in working with you! 

Get started now! Here’s how it works.


Step 1

Register to secure your spot. Click here to register now.

 Step 2

Join our onboarding call to learn what projects to bring to the program, ask any questions you might have, and understand what comes next. We’ll then send you a payment link to finalize your commitment.

Step 3

Detail your project and/or hiring requirements in consultation with our team. We’ll work with you to prepare a project brief.

 Step 4

Meet with our student team to kick off the project. You’ll learn a bit about their backgrounds and interests and give them a high-level overview of your company and goals.

Step 5

Review work as the OnRamp team finishes each draft (just like you would with your own team). Then approve the final work and put it into market.




Spots are filling up. Book your project and meet your next hire!